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Durability Protection Potion nerf

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So I was surprised to find out that durability protection potions don't stack now. Previously, you could have a weapon, armor, and accessory potion running at the same time, but now it seems you can only have one of those.


  • AeledingAeleding
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    That's because they replaced them with a pot that reduces every type of equipment durability consumption (you can get them from secret boxes). With this update they merged a lot of buffs together (camp base 2 buffs that got merged into 1 + 4 bought buffs that got merged into 1) so i guess that must be why...

    Next update they merge EU and NA servers +cold
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    Also, Brynn will craft the new unified durability pots from one of each of the old pots at no charge. Was nice to free up a few inventory slots.
  • WaifeyWaifey
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