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Can't craft any battleshades (weaponsmith)

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edited December 27, 2018 in Lynn
Hello peeps~

So i've been trying to craft an astera battleshade for my lynn (weaponsmith lvl 399). When i was ready to craft it, i didnt see any astera battleshade in my crafting menu, but i could see all the other astera weapons in it. So, i look everywhere in my weaponsmith if i could see any battleshades craftable, but nope nothing, only the other weapons.
Does it do the same for everyone or is it only me?

Thanks in advance~



  • VladinoVladino
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    It's because battleshade is under goldsmith expertise.... If you have mats bound you can still use Dianann to craft it (2* for 350k gold if you have recipe unlocked).