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Aboout 7 day unlimited outfitters pass...

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The returning mercenary event shop contains an unlimited outfitter pass x 7days, and we can get 5 per char. When I purchased one though, the timer started on it immediately, even before I went to the shop to pick out pieces for my outfit. Does this mean that if we buy more than one they will run concurrent with the rest? EG: all be expiring at the same time?


  • 6starplayer6starplayer
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    Yup. Once you purchase the outfitter pass for 7 days, it'll start ASAP. You can wear whatever you like for 7 days and then it's gone.
  • RizzleRizzle
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    So, the question remains - since i can buy 5 for each char, would they all run concurrently on that character? And all be expiring at the same time?

    Best idea is to just wait til current one expires, then? befor purchasing another?
  • Hilda2012Hilda2012
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    i was shocked too by this ,i was colecting 5 of them ,but somehow it all went off after 7 days
  • SpareohSpareoh
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    Slightly different question about the coupon... Does the outfit become permanent but unchangeable after 7 days or does it expire with the coupon?
  • AngelYukkiAngelYukki
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    expires w coupon