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Caution: Abnormal gameplay detected at Rupa


  • LoLoBootyLoLoBooty
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    Issue does not appear to be fixed in the most recent maintenance (9/18).
  • JinyieJinyie
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    amazing lol
  • EmerthystEmerthyst
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    The worst part is not that its not fixed yet (although 2 weeks should be plenty of time to fix something this minor but game breaking). The worst part is their refusal to put out a public in game announcement or edit on their news page for the maintenance. Right now it's up to us to educate anyone not in the know to not use spears in the rupa battle which people have been trained to do since the raid came out (not including the trolls).
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Look at the bright side. You won't have to do 4~5 royal Rupas every sunday.

  • CasurinCasurin
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    And it will stay bugged for the next couple weeks/months - it is nexoff after all. One of the biggest publishers world wide - incompetent developers that take years to fix even the tiniest of problems.
  • CloakshireCloakshire
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    Still broken as of 9/27/18 Maintenance
  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    Can we get a GM to acknowledge that this is an issue? We still have a forum GM , right?
  • YagaminYagamin
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    Casurin wrote: »
    And it will stay bugged for the next couple weeks/months.

    Make it years. Fine Spears gives the same bug and it's been over 2 years and it's still not fixed.
  • PrototypemindPrototypemind
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    Zeroheart wrote: »
    Can we get a GM to acknowledge that this is an issue? We still have a forum GM , right?

    It's acknowledged over in the Official Announcements area somewhere, but that doesn't mean much. Who knows when it will be fixed?
  • boddoleboddole
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    Anyone know if KR had/has this issue also?
  • AngelYukkiAngelYukki
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    Cleared a run where people speared
    Something along the lines of spearing once the 4 bubbles show since spearing at that point doesn't damage him
  • JamesGrossJamesGross
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    Some spears are ignored. but it is always 50/50
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    This was fixed last maintenance, by the way. Both on normal and royal raid.
  • DanteliaDantelia
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    My husband just got this error when using fine spears in Donegal.. Should he send a ticket?
  • WinViper4016WinViper4016
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