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Decrease the amount of raids for guild missions ^^

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edited September 13, 2018 in Suggestions and Feedback
As the title says, it feels like doing the guild missions takes a long time ^-^
  1. Do you think that Vindictus should decrease the amount of raids needed for Guild missions9 votes
    1. Yes ^-^
       78% (7 votes)
    2. No ^^
       22% (2 votes)


  • TheDarkMasterTheDarkMaster
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    Also non engaing solo mission like battel of day and so on i really don't know why make mission that make you not participate in community it pointless
  • chitakachitaka
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    I will say that i feel the level of difficulty on season 3 raids is definitely way overdone, meaning they are way harder to do than they need to be. Not everyone appreciates doing stuff that is so ridiculously hard that it seems impossible to complete plus ends up infuriating you being no fun at all. Plus if they are to remain at this level of difficulty the rewards for doing these is minuscule at best. More story content would be nice say like season one and two and perhaps yes a few less raids. And yes some raids as the previous poster states you cannot even enter because your character doesn't meet specs to do them. What's the point in this? I segregates to much of the gaming community.
  • AsakoAsako
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    These are valid points, God willing, they fix this ^^ I Wish us luck ^^