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Greetings everyone

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My name is ZeddieLittle. I had previously played this game many years ago. I played when there were only 3 characters, Lann, Evie, and Fiona. At the time Evie was a mix of melee and magic. Also she used healing runes! Anyway I played up until they announced Hurk. I had given my account to my little sister, I had 7/8 characters, all but one were above level 60 and at the time the cap was level 70. Since then I have not found a MMORPG that comes close to Vindictus. Recently I've been streaming games on YouTube and so I decided to give Vindictus a shot again. As of right now I only have a level 43 Kai and I'm planning on sticking with only him. I don't have as much time as I used to, I have 2 jobs and support a family of 3. I'm amazed at what they've done with the game and I love the variety of characters now. I'm hoping of becoming level 60+ and start hosting raids!


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    Well, not to burst a bubble but they've changed quite a few things since you've been gone.

    You made mention that you can't wait to start hosting raids at level 60+, but that's not going to happen unfortunately. The entirety of season 1 was nerfed to be soloable, as is the entirety of season 2. I wouldn't expect to be hosting raids until season 3 when you're 85+.

    Just wanted to let you know this in case you noticed not many parties below level 85. We're here, but we're all in season 3 lol.

    If you have any other questions regarding the changes made, feel free to ask.

    This was the big patch that came out at the end of last year that changed a lot of aspects of the game. I recommend giving it a read to get caught up.

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    hosting season 2 xraids you can still find people who want to join as of 7/29/2018
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    hmmmmm.... This post and it's first reply gives me an overwhelmingly strong sense of deja vu.....
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    Same boat. Glad my account still here. Been along time. I quit around when lvl 80 was new.