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Lv 90 weapon +12 OR Lv 95 +10 ?

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Is one or two upgrades on level 90 better than a level 95?

Also, Lynn blute or Arisha whip???
Which is better at what? I can only afford one strong weapon, both seem useful.


  • CinnaBombCinnaBomb
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    well I think a level 95 weapon is generally better, but that's if you get it past +10. Otherwise a 90 weapon is pretty good too. I have a few friends who can do well over %50 of damage with a +13-14 90 weapon. Gotta take into account on what Enchant scrolls you use though +shy

    As for Lynn or Arisha I'd say go with whichever one seems more enjoyable/ aethestically pleasing !

  • CedricCedric
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    +13 lvl 90.
  • DrusaDrusa
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    edited July 2, 2018

    Unless someone can do accurate math of damage differences between a 95 +10/11/12 (Depends on your luck) and a 90 +13 then I'll be convinced to say 90 +13.

    The difference is AD, Crit, DMG and AS.

    Arguably that AD isn't useful when your damage is lower as well as crit and getting crit is hard.
    AS isn't hard to obtain.

    The only benefit is the accessability and AS. 90 +13 is free/cheap if you buy +10 but the grind for 3 runes will take a while. Perhaps in that time you're lucky enough to buy yourself a 95 +10. This is based on the recent r6 scrolls that have a stupid price. (If you're lucky) and how often you get valuables from what you do daily.
  • JinyieJinyie
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    For long term +10 just doesn't cut it even if it is 95. Just go with the easier route and get yourself a +13 90. You're gonna enjoy your character more with speed.