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Where is Arisha's Whip Exclusive Hair?

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edited June 26, 2018 in General Discussion
So, we didn't get her new hair, and we never gotten Lynn's Blute Exclusive hair either.


  • CinnaBombCinnaBomb
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    Probably not gonna add it tbh.

    They didn't even add miri's inner when she got released. Seems like nexon doesn't care about adding them in +cold
  • MercuryEyesMercuryEyes
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    edited June 26, 2018
    We still don’t have Lynn’s blüte hair either, so I doubt it too. A lot of female chars seem to be missing a lot of avatar items whether it’s makeup/inner/hair
  • Sir_RenderSir_Render
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    Darn I was waiting on The Whip arisha's hair to be released for My Miri