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[Rant] Reset Time

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The worst part about all of this is you're not even horrible people. You're just kind of clueless. You're a Global Company and I respect you for trying your best to publish games but Jesus F. Christ...

You thought that this world was just far too joyful for your poor and innocent European Players. You thought you could do better than Aeria Games at milking me, so you tricked us.

No offense Nexon, but you f***** up. Not only did you only milk me with gachas to YOUR benefit, but you failed to force me to do things I didn't like. "Don't want to do Raids? You can do that later son." All while telling me how strong and brilliant I am without letting me do anything slightly challenging. Not only that, but you barely ever let me do anything remotely fun, making sure I was always comfortable and never had to work hard for something.

Well, now I'm in the real world. I'm way behind my fellow guildmates, I barely know how to do anything for myself, and at raids I struggle to keep up with everyone else on even the most basic strats. I'm scatterbrained, disorganised, easily-distracted, and lazy. I never learned how to motivate myself how to do better.

And now that I've entered the real world, I've discovered that your gacha % and sales are false. Everything you told me and lead me to believe for 6 years is just simply not true. And yet, I have to lie to my guildmates every single damn day, and tell them that I still believe that I can improve, because if I don't, they'd probably kick me out of the guild for being a noob. But I can't play on my own, because I only get to do raids 2 days a week on my lazy a** because I underperform... Because you guys never taught me raid ethic.

I am now having to unlearn everything I've done over the years.

Nexon, a couple weeks ago you pulled me aside and said that you were worried I stopped gambling. I told you I didn't and you shouldn't needlessly worry... But guess what? I did. And it's your fault.

And now you've gone and done this. Despite the fact that I have a job, actively go to class, and have a fairly good social life, you decided that having the reset time at 9PM CEST was a great idea.

I am 20 now, I am perfectly capable of deciding how I spend my free time. I don't care if you think it's not too bad since I could do raids and redeemers before work or uni.

I plan to quit before next winter, and I'm going to have to learn how to do everything on my own, because you never taught me.

I guess you did teach me to gamble 90% of my paycheck on rigged Gachas.

Thanks for that, anyway.