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Confirmation if keaghan/iset 2018 sets are redone?

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Are these re-polished from their previous release? I heard some people say they are. Also, based on the picture below, from my own view it seems keaghan's shoulder plates aren't horribly pixelated or granular anymore and are given more definition... as well as a special gleam or shine on his armor. Anyone else notice this, or is it just my imagination?



  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Normal Iset set vs Steel Iset set:
    • Metal parts are now reflecting, therefore more shiny
    • Cloth part on breast is also reflecting
    • Default colors are different, or at least seem to be
    • Wearing full set no longer replaces inner to Iset's

    Haven't noticed anything else. Don't know for Keaghan.