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Aes Sidhe hammer solo decent time (13mins)

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edited March 25, 2018 in Fiona
this was a decent solo leaving aside the problems you cant avoid like, in data loss fiona will favor to conntinue the butterfly swing combo instead of any other thing you told her todo, or the fact that if 3 things happen at the same time the game will stutter example: you deal damage you drink a pot and you do crit or try to deflect/block at the same time, also the issues with the boss itslef like he not apearing in the right spot so you can lead him to the door, the terrible fps I get on that raid alone etc etc....

I think I found the most eficient way to countter all he's moves, maybe some other day I will do a small vid showing how you can dodge the door attack without swinging and do a double full stigma when he lands. this is an important combo since it has a 250k dmg potential in my case or 350 if full force is active

the changes of hammer fiona I would like to see:

-I would like to shield bash to be a shortcut for the butterflycombo
-some other more imaginative skill other than focal point to make hammer and sword even more diferent play styles
-slashing high rework, to expensive new bosses can kill you with certain attacks since you no longer have i frames, or they could start a mechanic that puts them out of your reach for more than 20 seconds , I would:
make it similar to tireless, in the sense that it depends on you skill to keep the buff
-the 3 enhanced buterflyswings hitboxes are garbage please RE DO


  • erickhendrixerickhendrix
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    Here is the small tuto on how to dodge the gate thingn without swinging
  • PhaliantPhaliant
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    Hey !

    Nice to see another Hammer Solo! B)

    If you wish/will do more, keep them up!

    PS : about the changes, please, just don't mention it (you will turn out to be a second Ly****) and it's not "necessary" (Just my 2 cents anyway)
  • SamalenkoSamalenko
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    1. I assume you are playing for the better efficiency, then Counter attack is 90% of the time your priority instead of parry
    2. You could link R-shield dash in a lot of combos to shorten the standby intervals .
    3. You could skip the swing thing by using holding skill.

    I'd say hammer is overall much different now compared to LS. If anything please do not buff her any further ..
    LS is just way too broken in solo, If it were up to me I'd probably nerf Fiona on both weapons.. But it's devcat, they buff fiona is every possible way WeSmart
  • AkoszAkosz
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    devcat buffing sword every time is still a mystery but not gonna say no to faster clearspeed :*