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Events and bonuses we used to get but no longer.

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Hey, I was leveling up my hurk which i made when it came out. it had the bonuses on it and made me wonder, how many other bonuses and events we used to get but no longer do. here are a few i can remember....

Leveling up gift packages: These packages were given to people for leveling up and you normally got one every 5 levels. this package was awesome and my miri didnt get it.

Aria's Bonus: (not sure how to spell her name) This was a weekly bonus we got when logging in randomly.

Golden Time Events: I haven't seen one of these in a while. This is a timed event and people have to be logged in at exactly that time of the event to recieve awards.

Halloween Pumpkin Smash Event: We had this for one year and one year only. This event was awesome, we recieved void reaper gear, unique hats and face masks, pots, etc etc. this was an amazing event, two teams smashing a pumpkin open while fighting random mobs or eachother. was fun, intense and everyone got something.

Christmas Snowballing Event: im putting this one out there because it is hit and miss if we get it. we didnt have it last year and it angered a few people. this event should happen every year.

Redeployment Coupons: Havent seen this in a long time.

So those are the ones i can remember or think of right now, feel free to add more.