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what is happening servers europa No one Not
why No one No longer Enters Vindictus eu No one is playing anymore, no interest or renewal Pointless ivent Useless why? Last countries blocked every reason Without
Nothing is done no Development No more plays game Bored One and the same. That's about it No one Speaks You can not see. I remember The best ivents regina box gft nexon x10 best 23 hours stop why no back ivent please back Encourage regina ivent gft boxse nexon x10 23 hours and all players back server clean ((( luchky box best bad ivent 1 mont ready )) My opinion I have full right Expression no one Appeal I just I noted My heart pain towards the game
Sorry Me bad I know English


  • JeyemJeyem
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    dabbed too hard, got a neck injury. Oh you meant your problem. Game went off the cliff with RISE, and it has been in a freefall ever since.
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    are you using a translator? lol