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prices raised again for character slot?

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Just thought i'd ask as i remember them being 3200ish then it was 5600 and now they are 9900.
  1. should the prices of character slots be cheaper?16 votes
    1. yes
       63% (10 votes)
    2. no
       13% (2 votes)
    3. have events with discounted prices.
       25% (4 votes)


  • KarijunaKarijuna
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    Elite (premium) character slots have always been 9900 NX, it just appears that regular slots aren't available anymore, for whatever reason.

    Edit: I looked at the patch notes for the server merge and found that regular character slots were a thing for EU only and were removed.
  • ElyrElyr
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    3200 and 5600 were both EU prices, respectively for Regular and Premium Slots, while the 9900 is the Premium NA price
  • BownerBowner
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    ok, thanks for the replies peeps.
    So the exchange rate from the pound and euro is good towards the dollar but yet the NA version had to pay almost double what we were paying. Not only that, when we charge NX we don't get the same exchange rate.
    I personally think it is a little rude of NEXON to charge people different for items from different parts of the world. NX is a fake currency, it doesnt belong anywhere else but on nexon's games but yet the prices are different and taking more real money off people for less.

    9900 nx for a new character is quite high. bring back the 3500 or atleast put it into a coupon so we can buy it off people or the market board.
  • waspwasp
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    personally, I'm not interested in buying a premium character slot.

    I believe that when they released Miri, we should all have gotten a free character slot in the process.
    Just like they did when they released Arisha. so that everyone could have a chance to make Miri without having to buy anything or going to the Europe server to make one.
    One extra character equals one free slot I believe.
    I used to have 2 free slots left on the east server before the merge that I was reserving for that option.

    I am still gonna play the game because I like the game even though and if I really want to make one I would have to delete a bunch of characters like 6 of them :/ and I don't like that option either but that is still possible to do because i have a bunch of doubles.
    I'm juste gonna do with what i have for now and time will dictate my actions.
    Whish everyone a lot of good time in the game. Hopefully things will change for the better with the future contents.
  • HallyHally
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    NA always had much higher prices for a lot of premium stuff than EU...*cough* 9800 nx enchant .....
  • ISnatchMoneyISnatchMoney
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    I feel the price of character slots should be cheaper, yes. 10$ to add one character, and to get a full vanguard buff you need 10. 15 characters if you want to be a special snowflake, which is not really worth for +5 stamina from 10 characters, at max level from vanguard buff. Lucky for some who had characters on different servers and merge combined them, those individuals got lucky, lol. Character slots should be atleast the same price of a cadet or atleast the same as a enhancement rune ( 4$ basically). While some may not care and think 10$ is not much, it really isn't until you start adding one character at a time-to one account, and before you know it, it adds up. I think max is 7 character slots, i have bought one for a seperate character previously for 10$ so i have 8 in total atm. Even with 1 premium character slot, I'm still short by 2, (8/10) for a full 95.-Vanguard buff. With 10 characters, 3 in which you have to buy premium character slots, thats 30$. Not to mention how we haven't even gotten a FREE char. slot on Miri's release, which was supposed to have happend imo.

    (btw you don't have to buy character slots, i know, but it does help title-share count, instead of mindlessly re-grinding it on another account, which is just dumb af)