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Cannot Enter [Special] Underground Assembly

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edited February 23, 2018 in General Discussion
Does anyone here having the same bug that even after the reset you cannot enter this Special Dungeon?
My battle information tab always shows that I have entered this dungeon twice even when I did not. It always says [Battle: 2/2]
Sorry for my weird English.
Edit: This is the 2nd day this has happened.


  • PhoebeHalliwelPhoebeHalliwel
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    Yep, same here.. ran it on release day with my friends and we have it on 2/2 since then.. xD
  • ikeviikevi
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    Seems like it isn't resetting more than once a week.
  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    This is funny cause you can do all other special batles at one day but the new one is like one per week? Weird
  • GricielGriciel
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    I'm sorry but this has to go up.
    I have had a few conversations in the game and known that a lot of people are having this problem, preventing them join the dun.
  • JeyemJeyem
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    Lowkey 2nd redeemer, only do it limited times a week. Balor who?
  • YagaminYagamin
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    So... Neam attempts reset and the usual time for SP raids to rotate passed too, but Underground Assembly still hasn't reset.
  • EmerthystEmerthyst
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    was this a KR issue too or is this a NA 'exclusive' feature?