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Leveling characters for Partholon Vanguard

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Any tips will be appreciated.

What's your go-to method for leveling up fast or faster?



  • Sir_RenderSir_Render
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    Main story > Season 2 Raids > Abyss Arena
  • HallyHally
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    edited February 22, 2018
    Can do lvl 90 to 95 grind in 20 - 30 mins with the free gear at autumn reed bed solo, if you still have leftover 150% exp boosters.
  • neonBarnacleneonBarnacle
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    Any of the S2 raid bosses. Cromm's my personal preference since he has one of the highest XP gains and doesn't have any time-wasting gimmicks.
  • AtherionAtherion
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    1-70 story, 70-95 spam s2 raids with vip and exp boosts if you have any.

    70-95 should take 1-2 days of just s2 raids depending on whether you have exp boosts.
  • RyanReynoldsRyanReynolds
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    Good deal. Thanks
  • BabyDaniBabyDani
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    spam the four anwynn battles...peeples always join those boats, and 2-3 peeples can finish in like 20 - 30 seconds
  • FarceofNatureFarceofNature
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    I didn't want to wait an extra day for Annwyn to reset counters so I started S3 at 90. Went pretty quickly and Muir to Lugh got the last 5 levels in a couple hours. Quest versions of raids fill up immediately on quick battle.