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Character Slots For Partholon Vanguard

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With the Partholon Vanguard system, we need 10 level 95 characters to get all of the relevant attack, critical, and penetration buffs. Stamina caps after 15 level 95 characters. However, we only have 7 free character slots. This is extremely unfair because KR has the maximum amount of 20 character slots for free, while we have to pay $10 for every extra character slot. We are essentially forced to pay $30 just to get all the relevant buffs from Partholon if we didn't abuse the merge by making characters on each server beforehand. Either give us 3 character slots for free, so people don't have to pay just to get all the relevant buffs or make them all free like other regions. Otherwise, this is just p2w trash.


  • SefSef
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    Tamago wrote: »
    if we didn't abuse the merge by making characters on each server beforehand. .

    *Cries in EU*

  • ChaeldarChaeldar
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    Completely agree. It's bad enough that we have access to less slots, forcing you to either have multiple accounts if you want to play all the characters, or pay for slots if you want them all in the same account, but making it so the best buffs are only obtainable if you cash it up for slots makes it even worse. Please scale the rewards to our free slots or give us more slots. EU didn't have the merge, so it's not even possible for us to have abused it.
  • LoyalPlayerLoyalPlayer
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    Hell yeah, can we please get 3 extra free slots? Give us F2P players a chance please :'(
    I'm glad someone made the thread.
  • RobertLiviaRobertLivia
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    KR Also has something called fatigue system , want that too?
  • JeyemJeyem
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    Gib money or go nowhere, the Nexon way.