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Remove the IP renewal block

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edited October 23, 2017 in Suggestions and Feedback
Every day the same. I log in, and I have to wait 10 minutes to use the mail, marketplace or some game items like the resenlian wings, godess grace, etc. And all because my ip is renewed each day. IT IS VERY ANNOYING.

This didn't happen in the old Europe server, which makes me think this is something you can tweak on the server without having to wait for your korean overlords. What's the point of it anyway? I could understand a block for someone that is changing ip every minute. But once / day! Heck, even if I don't log for weeks, I would receive the annoying block. Care to explain me why such a block exist in the first place? If the old europe server didn't have it, it doesn't seem like it is really important/critical. And anyway, AT LEAST give a time frame where an ip renewal wouldn't give the annoying 10 minutes block.


  • VinVinVinVin
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    edited February 20, 2018
    Remove this in Europe server, almost everyone here has dynamic IP.
    RE-MO-VE IT.
  • TheophanuTheophanu
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    This is one of the most annoying features, especially if you can't repair your gear since you're locked out from it for another x minutes after completing a mission just to cover the time you can't use the AP shop/warm welcome shop/enhancement/enchanting/whatever function.
    Heck,you can't even access your mail.

    This game is already badly optimized, be it due to the duality of Nexon Launcher + website login to play the game (which requires me to allow all the Google trackers&scripts for no apparent reason just to be able to log in on the website; I mean why does the game log me in on the launcher but then also requires me to be logged in on the website?...) or the FPS-drops/stuttering that sometimes appear during gameplay, but the game itself telling me not to play the game after I went through starting the webbrowser,log in there, starting the nexon launcher,start the game client,waiting endlessly to load the game,going through the start menu,server selection and second password just to wait another 10 minutes for full game access?

    That's a bit extreme just for a pre-caution