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Events are pretty lackluster compared to pre-rise


  • BownerBowner
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    i do agree, the events are getting boring and same ole same ole. stop doing afk events, stop doing raid events. do something different for a change. when was the last time we got surprise boxes for smashing **** which had decentish stuff? im not asking for a lot, but do something like collect 20 boxes to recieve an enhancement rune or something, we all know it takes lots of runes to max stuff out so giving away a few hundred runes will keep people happy and also motivate people to actually buy nx, remember a happy customer spends more its fact.
  • RedTerraRedTerra
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    I'm surprised that more people are not hyped for the shining heart halo. When regular halos came out people were crazy over them.
  • ikeviikevi
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    RedTerra wrote: »
    I'm surprised that more people are not hyped for the shining heart halo. When regular halos came out people were crazy over them.

    How many folks did you actually see use the halos? Then the re-released them 2? other times.

    Now these ones have a flat heart in the middle, but no stick, and it is rng to get them + they are bound.

    At least the titles are easy to get.

    I will agree that this concept of 1/4 of a rune is an absurd trend, even if we can now buy runes with AP. The "increase" drop rate and +11 runes is another myth and I know we all are wearing our 2nd pair of wings... but it really is meh at best. Definitely not something that draws folks back.
  • PrincessZPrincessZ
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    Events are supposed to keep players interested in sticking around, the longer they're around the more likely they are to buy NX. I had stopped playing for a while because the events weren't interesting enough to put in effort.

    I enjoyed the events where we break stuff in missions for a chance at getting packages that had decent rewards in them, I think the last time we had one of those was a few Christmas' ago. I didn't even mind events where we had to farm raid bosses as long as the rewards were worth the time and effort put in.

    But the Stay Logged-in events and fishing events, they're just lazy and not promoting an active community, the players log in and just go afk on a boat or in town and when the event is over they stop logging in till next event. At least we used to get decent things from doing these sad events, such as enhance/enchant/fusion runes, merc pots, dye amps/outfit amps, etc. and now we get LOTS of fish, some titles and maybe 1 or two graces...wtf.

    I've opened like 600ish boxes so far and got 2 graces and 1 halo and the halo isn't even able to be traded, we'd have to use a fusion rune then buy unbinds just to either pass them to another character in order to sell them for less than what we paid for the unbinds. Complete rubbish.
  • TheophanuTheophanu
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    As long as I played on the EU server when it was still under another publisher than Nexon, the events were really good.
    While you had to grind/play quite a bit to recieve rewards, they were a lot better than the ones Nexon throws at you.

    Even the Nexon sales promotions are bad. I mean why the hell do they call the dye boxes Pink dye boxes if you only have a low chance to get a pink dye from them? If this would fall under the clause of marketing rights in the EU, this would be a clear case of fraud.

    In contrast, in the EU Valentines events we recieved free pink/red dyes as monster drops from a valentine instance.
    At least there the RNG was justified to keep the players playing, but why do the player needs to keep spending money just for a chance on pink dyes?
    And it's not even some pocket money, people from the EU are ripped off because while 1$=1000 NX, it's also 1 Euro =1000 NX, while the exchange rate of Euro/Dollar is 1:1,25, so we have to pay more for the same low chance to get what we want.

    There isn't even some kind of promo sale, I thought about maybe getting an outfit + hairstyle, but with the prices being higher than 10 Euro for both together I don't see a reason to spend money, given the state of the game being uncertain (& as they deleted all my costumes and other things while I was away with the server merge without any notice) so that my investment could be in vain again soon.