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$$$*Methods to make gold*$$$ Share!

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There are plenty of ways to make gold in Vindictus and often players struggle to get what they want.
Here are some recommendations, i hope they help!
-Expertise craft (normally 3-4*star_Quality, as they're sought after)
-Armorsmithing is just as good as weaponsmithing, while goldsmithing isn't as good, moneywise. (The reason i say this is because there are 5-6 slots open for your armors, weaponsmithing has about 15 different weapon types craftable, goldsmithing has the least amount. This only means that you have a wider variety of items tradable to others.)
-Enhancing is probably one of the best ways of spending your gold, hands down.
There are few methods, one i would consider as dirty money, and other's not too bad. If you're going to use this method, you should have a good amount of AP unspent. A good amount would be to have about 20-50k AP available. Ok so, Look throughout the Marketplace from time-to-time, within the week that you play.
-You should search under Marketplace's second tab, (Crafting Materials). There you will be best to find, what weapon YOU want to enhance. It can be a popular class, or a class you play, anything works. Most preferably, your class.


Display picture above is for this method. You should spend about 10m tops, for Lvl 90 rare weapons (full OJ, not superior).
-Try to snipe the marketplace whenever you can to find Paradise_Enhancement_Stone(s) for 20-30k each. Farming your own stones works fine too. What you want to do now is, enhance your Lvl. 90 weapon-that is full OJ/rare, to +8. That's the safespot. Sure you can try to +9, but I personally would wait until i have a couple, preferably, 4 or 5 to work with. Try, without using Enhancement_Rune(s), to enhance them to +10. If you have extra runes, that's really up to you to use.
-Since buying enhancement runes cost an average of 13-20m each, it's really best to enhance without them since the weapon itself costed you, 10m tops, while the enhancement rune could be a little more than double your weapon.
-You can be lucky sometimes, sure, but you can be that one person who failed four runes, or even EIGHT enhancement runes from +8->+9. Really it's RNG based, and yes i know you can get +1 100% (Enhancement effects +0->+10), but is it worth to spend on? Some might not agree. Especially if you're gonna be enhancing ALOT.
-Anyway, with your RARE Lvl. 90 weapon, you can enhance it to +10 without runes, i've done it many, many times. Sure i lose a few weapons but that's the catch. You see, if you spent 10m on the weapon, you get back two of the five shards back from a failed enhancement. If you spent an average of 2m each shard, for a total of 10m for this weapon there is very little that you lost.
-> -> Now think, 10m = RARE WEP. Lvl. 90. | 2/5 shards back = 4m/10m back after enhancement failed. Don't stop there! You remember your AP?- That's when we start to spend.

Go to Ernmass in colhen to restore your broken weapon (full oj lvl 90).

Once you've restore your weapon, go to Diane, located in Rocheste to DISMANTLE that* weapon. You will get back 100 Inherited Fragments and 25 Sealed Power Fragments.


-Now, when i was utilizing this method, Inherited_Power: Fragments were, 65k ea.. As of now, they're an average of 50k each. [NA]
-That is still 100x50k, which is 5M. Plus the 2/5 shards that you got BACK from the failed enhancement (4m value). You spent 10m for the weapon. You get back 9m, in value (depends if you want to SELL). Now this is without adding the COST of Enhancing with paradise enhancement stones. 1m deduction + paradise stone costs, depending on failure to 0->+8 enhancement effect, is how much you LOST, moneywise. Sure you can 0->+8 in oneshot many times, but there are just times where it isn't your day.
-If you do this enough you can get lucky enough to get ALOT of +10s. Now sure YOU can choose to farm 120 seals of bravery to +11 it, 100%. 150 more seals and you can +12 it 100% too. (This i highly recommend to do) Once your weapon hits +12 enhancement, you can choose to TRY +13, or sell it at +12. Usually they can sell for 60m+, if you're impatient, you can sell quick for 40m usually.
-Keep in mind you pay for the unbinds, and it's normally six unbind count for a +10, 2/3 star quality. Try to spend 6m if you can for each bundle of five unbinds.
-Enhancing armor is more of a gamble than anything. It's NOT recommended to restore dullahan armors because people MOSTLY enhance with oj/rare main armor composite and superior solid chunk, to minimize costs of course.
-Occasionally there are days were you can 0->+12 onshot Lvl. 90/Lvl. 95 weapons/armors, but mostly REFERRED to dullahan armors, OJ main only, superior solid chunk.


Participating in Season 1,2,3 raids can contribute alot, and not everyone runs ALL of them, for various reason.
-Each run gives you an average of 100k+ gold per run, with guild lvl. 20 bonus(s).
-If you raid with VIP/VVIP, your runs double for limit. So you're able to run twice as many raids, and doubles your gold count possibility.
-You have Eight Season 3 Raids that you can run daily, which includes Regina, Braha, Glas, Lugh, Eochaid, Abomination, Dullahan, and Aes Sidhe. All rewards are exceptional.
-You can also decide to run [Special] battles, as they change weekly. These runs should be done daily, as their rewards are very rewarding. (Keep in mind, this battle is more geared towards fighting dullahan, in terms of your damage and how much you will get hurt, HP wise)
-You can find a party to run Season 1 Niflheim battles, which is also a little more gear dependent. Still rewarding though.
-You can run Abyssal Arena daily and the rewards are okay, around 100k gold each run, an average of 6+seals per run, and a chance of a RARE Abyssal Shard, which usually sells for 15m-20m each, on average. Also!- Royal Army Raids, normally 2x with VIP daily availablity, gives a decent amount of gold, seals and a chance of a lvl 80 bottle!, which in terms comes down to a Mysterious Shard Grade 1, which is an average of 20-32m.
-What used to be raids, Season 2 can still profit from, but not as good as it used to be. You can farm Season 2 Bosses, for lot's of Enchant Scrolls, lvl 80 equipments, magic powders, and other goods. Most sought after Enchant Scrolls are, Well-Balanced, Enthusiastic, Master, Passion, Berserker, Valor, Bloodlust, Fast, Significant, from Season 2. ( Prices can range from 200k->6m on average for these.)
-You can obtain Masterpiece Bracelet Boxes from these Season 2, and Season 3 battles too! If you're lucky, you can obtain a Silver Bracelet!

It's sad to say, but most of your gold will come from Season 2 and beyond.... Or once you reach lvl 90 to gear more appropiately toward these battles.


Now farming is based on how far YOU'RE willing to go. Repeat the same battle/dungeon, over and over, ALOT of people get bored after a couple runs. I get it, it's normal. Anything gets boring if you run it nonstop. Although it would probably help to farm with others, and not SOLO, helps if you're farming with friends or a guild so you have a better time farming.

-You can choose to sell your Materials, or keep them, really-it's your call, as for the rare drops that you obtain from farming, the same concept applies.
-You can still obtain a good amount from rare solid, smooth, and weapon composite chunks currently.
-Each run adds up, and you don't have to spend 65k gold on superior guild campfires as their cost adds up quickly, but from my experience, i've gotten alot from it.
-Remember you get GOLD from these battles, an average of 45k+ each run. If you dedicate yourself to run it 100 times, that comes out to an average of 5m+.
-There are NO restrictions to how many times you're limited to these battles for Season 3.
-It helps if you increase your LUK, and equip other NX-items such as, Cadet badge (30-day), VIP/VVIP, use of Divine Blessings, Superior guild campfire (lvl.20), summon your gremlins/succubus pets before boss is defeated.
-If you're some people, you can choose to farm Redeemer's battle, currently only Neamhain. (Limit is 4 battles per week, more if you have multiple characters AND accounts like some people. )
You may think that there are not many ways to obtain gold but there are plenty. With dedication and time you can get there. There are definitely days where you are just lucky, and unlucky at times.


-You can farm s1 battles, like White Tyrant Challenge, or Blood Prince, for low lvl. equipment, and dismantle them for element stone catalysts. Now remember, if you also farmed Season 2, you can also- dismantle those lvl 80 equipments, for Spirited Magic Powders, craft and sell intermediate element stones from that.
-Buy cheap and sell a little higher. (some items apply, like buying magic powders, and turning them into elixirs)
-Use of +1 Quality_booster_coupons (from events, or booster +1, from daily mission tickets x80).
-You can always get lucky after buying Warm Welcome tickets (from strange traveler) and obtaining the shiny box. Ofcourse, you can still get a necklace or brooch from the Box 1,2, or 3. Most of the time it's titles, but you still can obtain White Kitty Necklaces, Blue Kitty Necklaces, White Kitty brooches, Blue Kitty Brooches.
-buy cheap solid/smooths (superior/rare only) and dismantle into inherit fragments, sell the fragments.
-You can choose to craft 3/4star dullahan weapons/armors and sell them as is.
-Take advantage of each event whenever you can. (Tip)

I hope this helped you all alot, again if you got any other ideas, please you can share them! :)



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    Farming guide never works once people reveal their own method. That being said I should read this after I get home B) .
  • LoLoBootyLoLoBooty
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    EnigmaTaro wrote: »
    Farming guide never works once people reveal their own method. That being said I should read this after I get home B) .

    Not really. The farming advice here is generally known. Once people start doing it they realize what a pain farming is and usually quit soon after.
  • JynXiJynXi
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    On what market (server) this is based?

    EU / NA ?
  • JinyieJinyie
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    Have to disagree about weaponsmithing. No monies being made through crafting, but I just use for dismantling and convenience
  • ISnatchMoneyISnatchMoney
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    JynXi wrote: »
    On what market (server) this is based?

    EU / NA ?

    NA Server based for prices.
  • ArcticAzrealArcticAzreal
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    90 armorsmith is bleak you have to sell 95 with main oj if not full to make a bit of gold. Even then you have to contend with other peoples pages of blitz out 95 gear.
  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    Crafting take too much gold and time to level up to be sufficient to sell on MP. Everything 90 and below are worst than the drops from battle, also since we can not upgrade the weapon to be better, who is going to buy them.

    I heard in the future update they are reducing the gold awarded in S3 battles. I barely make even any more after buying those Superior Guild Fires, seriously it is like Nexon wants us to be buying off gold sellers to fix our armors now.
  • ISnatchMoneyISnatchMoney
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    Zeroheart wrote: »
    Crafting take too much gold and time to level up to be sufficient to sell on MP. Everything 90 and below are worst than the drops from battle, also since we can not upgrade the weapon to be better, who is going to buy them.

    Low level gear can be dismantled to create element stone catalysts, and those are used to make intermediate element stones. Those are still considered a popular item as it's constantly used. Whether you choose to use them is up to you, selling it would make you gold. As for the Lvl. 90 weapons, it's just a method to demonstrate how effective it is to enhance with full Oj. weapon composite materials, instead of having to replace later. People do want to get +10 lvl 90 rare weapons so they can use the seals of bravery that they have, whether on one character or on all, they want to use them. People still buy +12 Lvl. 90 Weapons and like i said before, if you want to sell it, that's up to you, and the same concept applies to wanting to try +13 enhancement, you can try but what if it fails. +13 is worth about 2.7x the price of +12 normally. While +12 90s are an average of 40-70m, i would say that is a decent amount of gold.

    There is still gold to be made, so to answer your question of 'who is going to buy them', you would be better off saving your gold to NOT megaphone, and instead be patient and sell it on the marketplace. Depending on which weapon-class is more popular than others, it can vary on how long it will normally take to sell throughout the week.