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I got blocked w/ message to contact Billing. Why?

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Just few hours ago, my account was fine, but now when I try to login, the Launcher tell me my account is blocked, and have to contact Billing. Doing some search, it seem like the problem is with payment.

But in the account history, I can't see anything wrong with my account NX purchases. All the charge are made with code I bought myself, using my own money, and I have never asked for any refund.

I submitted a ticket to Billing, but I want to ask if anyone know why and have experience in this matter?


  • SuhpremeSuhpreme
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    i had a similar problem. when the problem is billing, you probably done something that seems suspicious like moving a lot of gold or transferring gold between accounts. if you truly have done nothing wrong, do not worry. just follow through with your ticket and ask them whats the matter. it could take some time (a day or so) since billing is separate from nexons actual game helpdesk.
  • ReziRezi
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    They probably are blaming you for not getting the money from the bank, when it's likely their own error. If so, contact your bank and ask them what the deal is. But only do so if support tells you that's the problem; it might be like Suh said and it's an in-game issue.

    Also, never, ever give Nexon your personal information. If it's a transaction error, they can't solve that by getting your personal info anyway.
  • SereneDreamSereneDream
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    Okay, an update about my case.

    - After seeing my account getting blocked by Billing, I sent in a ticket asking why.
    - About 4-5 hours later, I tried again just to hope for a miracle, and miracle really happened. My account is unblocked as if nothing happened. The ticket is still unanswered at the time
    - A few more hours passed, and a GM answering my ticket. He tell me that he can't find anything wrong with my account.

    I guess my account is still safe, no infraction or whatsoever. Still, my heart stopped for a few seconds when I see the blocked message.
  • uncledolanuncledolan
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    u have been busted