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Teide lacking a lot of damage.

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Is it just me or does hurks teide seems extremely weak? I'm just gonna blame myself because I really like this weapon +sad.


  • JessGameJessGame
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    Wired wrote: »
    Is it just me or does hurks teide seems extremely weak? I'm just gonna blame myself because I really like this weapon +sad.

    It's not necessarely yourself.I think that in general people jumped to conclusions too fast.

    Most are expecting to get the same results with Teide compared to what they are getting with Greatsword.Thing is Greatsword was offering a very *conveniant * set of gameplay from the very start and it as been polished by dedicated players for years.

    Teide in the other hand received a lot of critics within the 1st weeks of its introduction,wich is kind of absurd considering that you'd need to go around the game for a good while before drawing official conclusions in term of comparison.

    I have tried the weapon for a little while,but not enough to say exactly where it stands compared to Greatsword.It didn't feel like there was such a huge gap between both thoe.

    I also think that results will be differant from a boss to another boss.

    If you really like the weapon,i would suggest to keep playing it and practice to figure the best rotation you can use for each differant battles;the best artifact you can use,the best awakenings,ect...

    In conclusion,as it is right now,yes there is *some* specific battles where some classes will have a much easier time to pull a higher percentage of damage.However,contrarely to what a lot think,that doesn't apply to every battle at all.

    And keep in mind that they generally give to new weapons or new characters skills that are upgraded to rank(A) maximum.Some characters are just plain powerful from the start and some are in need of that rank 6) unlock,due to probably lack of testing.

  • AtherionAtherion
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    Teide is consistent but not powerful. Unlike GS Hurk, there are no runs where he might excel at relative to the rest of the cast so often he is overshadowed in such runs.

    Not to say its a weak class (ex: Sword Lann), there are still runs where he can probably outperform GS in a party scenario such as Lugh and Braha.