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Best Sylas equipment/scrolls

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in Sylas
I'm new to this character and to Vindictus in general and i'm closer to lvl 90.
I wanted to know (if there are any other Sylas) what should be the equip I should aim for and with which scrolls.
Tyvm for your time anyway, have fun!


  • OxideOxide
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    If you're below level 90, use whatever drops and work towards leveling to 90--you get a free +10 set that's decently enchanted as your level up reward. You can fill in the open prefix/suffix slots on those armor pieces with cheap beneficial scrolls like Grinding or Tutelary, but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    There's not a lot of diversity in terms of gearing, so basically everyone is wearing/working towards the same thing. Enhancement levels pretty much trump everything else atm, so if you get lucky and get things plus'd high enough, you should be set for anything. If you bring up your character window and check your character rankings, look at the armor of the people ranked 100, 90, 50, etc--it provides a pretty good roadmap to what you want to work towards.