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Bugged Armor Set?

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edited December 8, 2017 in Lynn
There is this armor set that i made through tailoring, but its in a different language, so i have no clue on what it is but i got on my old Lynn and tried it on to see what it looks like and it was a huge star where the legs are and my top was just invisible and put me in the "T" pose. i have no idea if this is supposed to be a new armor set or something. if anyone knows what this is please tell me. I'm completely confused


  • MetalVellaMetalVella
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    It is probably for the new armor Lynn is getting with Blute.
  • Order5Order5
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    As MetalVella said, it's likely the armor intended to come with Blute patch. For the sake of details, any piece should give you the "sticky bomb" polygon beneath you. The gloves should be what puts you in the static "T" pose. Pants should make your pants disappear. And the tunic makes your body (below the head) invisible, with the Color 2 slot determining what color the polygon beneath you is. Unlike the old graphics bug though, you actually can get stuck like a sticky bomb when changing areas in town (heading to Colhen docks, coming out from inside buildings, etc.).