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******Join the Dragonguard guild! Lvl 20******

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We are a large confederation of casual gamers who play Vindictus for the sole purpose of having fun.

Requirements to join:
There are no requirements to join. Nor will there ever be. To stay in, you just need to follow the rules and log in every couple weeks.

1. Behave. No hacking/botting/scamming (including through 3rd parties, or on alts)
2. No insulting/discriminating/hating people for their race/religion/politics/creed/gender. No harassment/stalking. No racial slurs. Period.
3. Listen to the admin. Do not lie to them. Do not impersonate one.
4. No drama/begging.

Other Guild Facts:
It is highly encouraged to join our Discord channel, which is found on our website.
We believe in the "Give help after you receive help" rule.
We have guild storage for low level gear and items for new players, and for free item transfers.
Level 20 guild amenities (boosts)
Activity requirements exists but are very reasonable. You can always rejoin if you get kicked for inactivity.
Guild raids/farming. Not a requirement to attend.

Our guild channel is 121.

Our guild website is dgvindictus.shivtr.com/

To join, simply apply through the in-game system. PM an admin if you need help.