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Phoenix Wing Not Outfit?

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edited November 24, 2017 in General Discussion

On the main page it advertise the phoenix wings from Black Friday boxes as outfit slots. But when a friend opened the box it was only a regular slot phoenix wing. It should be the same as the outfit phoenix wing from EU event merge as shown below. :/



  • AphoticaiAphoticai
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    Yea, when I went to open it, a confirmation message stated unwind counts, so I cancelled. Please fix.
  • RedTerraRedTerra
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    So should we wait if we want to wear it? How do we know when it's fixed?
  • KaguraHimikoKaguraHimiko
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    boo4u wrote: »
    Pink phoenix wings are probably like the Red / White ones.

    probably just a typo when they added (outfit) next to phoenix wings

    It’s exactly the same as the red white and black just it’s on the outfitter slot not normal gear. So yeh most likely a typo