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Make Outfitters be able to share between charaters

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what is the point of having multiple hundred dollars of outfitters on 1 character? i think being able too trade outfitters between characters would be good


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    this is good idea
  • FurielFuriel
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    +1 for this idea!
  • FeeFee
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    This is a good idea, but they want you to keep spending money on each new character that releases so they probably won't.
  • Arianthe_Arianthe_
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    Well, just an idea but they could make a "transferring box" that you can buy from depot for like 20k NX. And we could put up to 5 avatar pieces (not 5 sets) in it and share within acc with that box. So that they'd still make their moni somehow and we would be able to transfer the pieces we never use for a bit cheaper price than buying it once again.

    Or, like 2 different boxes and the other one for 15k NX and up to 3 pieces etc.