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Vindictus Website

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Are we ever going to see improvement or reconstruction of the website?

Honestly, Vindi players deserve a more interactive web design because the current design looks like something made with Wix. Just a minor investment from Nexon's budget is all I ask for consideration.

Live hosting of Vindi streamers on the web, real time rankings of guild activity points by seals earned, title ranking, screenshot uploading, etc.

Prospective new players that may visit the web to learn about the game will turn away just by looking at the current website. Vindi is better than this.
  1. Current web design needs improvement/reconstruction.8 votes
    1. Agree
       63% (5 votes)
    2. Disagree
       25% (2 votes)
    3. I don't care
       13% (1 vote)


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    hey there is more important things we really need not the website update/upgrade