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12000 dulla runs is kinda not possible

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edited November 19, 2017 in General Discussion
can u lower it please :c


  • quietguyquietguy
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    i think they kinda knew it when they set it.
  • NotRainNotRain
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    not that many people that are geared to the point that they can dullahan
  • Raiden25Raiden25
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    I know right. What is this? lol and is it possible to finish the other runs?
  • RyanReynoldsRyanReynolds
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    I am just wondering why GM's aren't login in game to help us celebrate the merge and run raids with us. it will at least encourage motivate people who does not meet the attack limit to join who are otherwise too scare to make party cuz no one would join.
  • QueenOfManaQueenOfMana
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    They should cut the 12,000 down to 6,000. It would seem most logical.
  • AbaddanAbaddan
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    I Mean if they made it 15k runs and made it per person not per damn party it wouldn't be that bad. Hell could've made it 20k if it was per person probably.
  • Order5Order5
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    I'm wondering if it would make any significant difference if they gave us an extra two runs for Dullahan for the remainder of the event, or if people are just so sick of it that it'd be pointless.
  • TaylaTayla
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    They do this every time they do this event. Always make one unattainable in turn people don't even try. It's not gonna change...
  • BladeXAngelBladeXAngel
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    it would encourage me to do more if not only the weapon essence worth fighting for lol...
  • quietguyquietguy
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    I only have 2 chars for dullahan. With vvip i can only make 6 clears per day * 12 days left? means i can only contribute to 72 more clears before time is out.
  • FreakingAngelFreakingAngel
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    Yeah seems it was intentional to make it impossible sadly or they just don't know what's really going in the server day to day for a lot of players which is likely as well.

    @Nexon staff - Do you not realize that approximately 50-75% of the playerbase can't even start a Dullahan quick battle boat in the first place due to Battle Power requirements?

    And don't say just start a regular non-quick battle boat because little to no one even joins raids from the board anymore, no one checks that, a lot of the better geared players that do meet the 37000 Battle Power requirement would rather not have to do that raid with players who don't have good enough gear to meet the 37000 requirement (no, the free +10 90 gear is not enough to reach 37000 BP). I've literally tried this myself on a weaker alternate character, forced to start Dullahan from the board rather than QB, waited for at least a good 30-45 mins or so and no one wanted to join and help, even after using Server Megaphones to ask for help. But eventually I did find one person willing to help with that. But what about all the other players that can't or don't use server megaphones to do that run? What about all the others that want to help with Dullahan but can't start a Quick Battle boat and won't get as lucky as I did to find one person out of several hundreds online to help with it running from the board?

    So you have a small portion of the playerbase that actually meet the Battle Power requirement expected to cover the amount of runs it would take the entire server running it three times every day to complete.

    Hopefully this opens your eyes (Nexon) to help you see why this 12000 Dullahan raid completion objective is so unreasonable.
  • waspwasp
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    Hahaha... if it turn out to possible to do the 12k run the chances that rune is unusable is really great because how many can get a oj weapon feather then make a weapon and enhance to +10 to go with the enhancement stone +11 flawless? they are too expensive to buy one oj weapon and the feather is like 149millon at the mp and even harder to get one in a run if you are really lucky. hope you guys get lucky . I need a reason to be motivated even if I get a flawless enhancement rune it will probably expire at the end of the year I hate those new expiration date we get with the item it just make a great deal of work for nothing unless some ppl like it. me I stay on my dark corner and observe. wish you all good and have fun.
  • PlaksterPlakster
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    i paid like 122mil for a feather :(
  • ikeviikevi
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    edited November 25, 2017
    Plakster wrote: »
    i paid like 122mil for a feather :(

    Still way cheaper than what feathers were for lv 90s a few months after they came out.

    That said I assume the +11 are going to expire dec 31st, so I hope folks have their gear they want to enhance. (Assuming we manage 12k)
  • NecrochildNecrochild
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    lol get SOA'd
  • The_VillainThe_Villain
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    We have 9-10 days left to get this done.. If we could at least get the UO count lowered to 9-10k for Dullahan,or even have it count for per person and not per completed run, there might be some glimmer of "hope". We're a little more than half way there as well as having three other objectives completed, so at least it shows we're putting in the effort and should have a request like the ones listed followed through due to good merit since from there on, it'll be all on us to complete it. That, or just give it to us as an early Christmas gift +haha
  • Add in the fact that some people cant even play duo to certain bugs/glitches and you get a really reaaaaly low playerbase that can run dullahan.
  • KaguraHimikoKaguraHimiko
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    She’s should have at least made it lower or kill per player just for the Sulla. I was hoping to get my staff to +11 before using prem rune xD ggwp
  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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    We have two extra weeks to finish it. No reason to fail the event, now everyone go dust off your alt and run it :)
  • BatSnacksBatSnacks
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    Even though they reduced it to 10000 Runs, and gave us an extra 2 weeks now, I'm not sure if we can make it, we just don't have the playerbase :( We're at 6490, quite a ways to go, and that's with people who can play nolifing it on multiple accounts. I'm sure everyone who can is trying, and it would be awesome if we made it, but It's supposed to be a fun community event to reward us for playing, not an unattainable grindfest.