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FPS Improvement

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edited October 2, 2017 in Tech Support
This was probably a topic around here a million times but if you guys are still willing, I would greatly appreciate any kind of tested tips for FPS improvement


  • ReziRezi
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    Play Call of Duty.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    There is not much You can do about FPS, because the game runs on single core and takes plenty of resources for no reason at things beyond your reach. Can try toggling down settings that affect CPU, but don't expect fireworks.
  • MadcobraMadcobra
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    I just turn off UI during raid or dungeon . Playing on empty screen doesnt make fps drops , thats the best option what i found
  • MisterWhiskersMisterWhiskers
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    disable as many HUD elements as possible;
  • BoatGodBoatGod
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    Press the subtract key on your num pad once, this will disable some unnecessary UI cluster and give you an increase of 5fps. Press it once more to disable all UI for an increase of 10 fps. Press it again to re enable your UI and lose 10 fps +best
  • MrGattoMrGatto
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    Rezi wrote: »
    Play Call of Duty.

    This is probably still a better idea than trying to fix FPS issues in this game :D
  • RiceMonsterRiceMonster
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    disable as many HUD elements as possible;

    What this guy said.