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Unable to use any bath soap/ apply any soap effect

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Unable to use any bath soap/ apply any soap effect
East server.
ID: MentalGoat


  • RevengeBladeRevengeBlade
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    I cant take any effect either
    West sever
    ID: Penguinv2
  • ChaeldarChaeldar
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    This bug seems to happen to Delias and Lynns. If it can't be fixed anytime soon then some form of compensation needs to be given if you're going to use daily missions for events. It's not fair for certain characters to be unable to receive coins for the Anniversary packages because they are unable to get soap effects.
  • TheEvilEndermanTheEvilEnderman
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    A similar bug existed back in EU during the migration & daylight saving in april '17 - here's how it was fixed:
    The bug is caused by a timezone delay between your client and your time.

    Whenever you release a soap, it lasts 30min where you can grab the buff
    if the server says it's 9:38, but your client says it's 10:38, those 30min already expired and you don't get a buff

    Go into your (PC) time settings, enable "Set time automatically", then restart the game, that should fix it.
    If you contact support, they should either tell you that (if they know the bug) or recommend a game repair / reinstall, which will 99% not help at all ;)