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Returning to the game

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edited August 28, 2017 in Guild and Raid Recruitment
I am back!
I'd like to find ENG guild(EU server).
Playing Karok, started freshly. Played yesterday 4-5h and reached Lv. 60. Many, many reworks I saw already.
I don't have funds nor I'm donator so I'll be a regular peasant :D
BUT! I can host!
I got a plan of 1Gbps download & 600Mbps upload
So if there is any guild that would want at least to use me like peasant I'm in as long is it's friendly and not dead guild!


  • EffectEffect
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    Welcome back bud. Good luck finding a guild that fits your needs.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Try hosting S3 raids as Quick Battle daily, maybe eventually You will find what You are looking for.
  • BloodySmileBloodySmile
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    I will as soon as I will hit required level ;)
    All I need from the guild is that there were at least few players active and that it would be english one +haha
  • ShunsuiShunsui
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    Apply to Shinpei, not an exact match but close enough. XD