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Events that reuire ALOT of NX

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Unless your part of the lucky few...( I am not even after playing since the Beta for the NA)
Events come along such as the most recent where you can't "enter" into the event to get a item without spending alot of IRL money...(or waste alot of in game gold for way....WAY overpriced stuff)

If you ....like me have spent a moderate amount of money and still don't get the desired item your forced to either:
A:spend more until you get enough tickets to trade for the item
B: spend way to much in game gold to buy said item

Option B sure after playing for so long you have nothing else to spend gold on really(I am in this boat)

Option A (via a experiment across 4 accounts) You spend NX until you get enough tickets to trade to the item you want....

So where is this leading to you might ask?

In the latest event to get enough tickets you have to spend ALOT of IRL money...

But...in order to spend said amount of money you will go over the "allotted" amount of NX you can buy online....
(When I talk to support chat... every time they push me to go to a third party website to buy Karma Koins..Yea I have proof)

I KNOW for fact there are alot of people that don't have a place nearby that says Kkoins...

so pretty much they are F'd//(boned..or whatever you want to call it)

So why make a event that will for most players.... need to buy that much NX when the amount you can actually buy online through Vindictus's official website is so limited?

Do you not want our money when we all choose to spend it? Do you not want people to mass spend money on NX to try and get a item by luck or via trade in?

Then why make it so ridiculous outside of the amount of NX you can buy in a period of time?

Feel free to leave a response community...

whether your one of the "lucky ones" or if your a "elitist" who buys what they want with gold when they want"Or if your someone who got screwed...
But I am looking mostly for DEV responses..not "non paid forum volunteers"

Either way events like this is what turns new players away from nexon....asked alot of people and this is what I have been told(new players mostly)


  • SuhpremeSuhpreme
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    you can purchase karma koin online
    or other online retailers

    'events', more like cash grabs
  • HulkguyHulkguy
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    Suhpreme wrote: »
    you can purchase karma koin online
    or other online retailers

    'events', more like cash grabs
    Guess you didn't see where I stated Official website..or chat support saying third party websites?
  • ikeviikevi
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    I understand your frustration, but I long since learned of the ways to use KKoins to my benefit. They honestly are almost everywhere since Albertsons and their subsidiaries (Safeway) carry them + Publix+ Kroger. That means you get whatever deals the grocery stores have. (Usually cheaper gas, + you get the grocery store CC money back bonus + you get your normal money. And other times I have managed to get 10% extra or some other deal that they give for buying gift cards.

    The only issue is you can only buy in 10/20/50 dollar increments.

    But at least I get back more using CC -> KK -> NX, even if it is more of an inconvenience. (And it helps me limit myself more ;-)

    Just give it a try and realize that this is by far one of the least worse things about Nexon ;-)

  • nestharusnestharus
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    There is no limit on the official website unless you select credit.

    Select prepaid, then select more options. They let me pay with amazon pay directly on their site. My amazon account has my credit card in it. It's pretty nice. I bought $110 worth in around 2 days : ).
  • TamagoTamago
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    You know there are at least 3 third-party Karma Koin sellers you can buy from...Offgamers, PCGameSupply, and PayPal gifts being the three main ones. Pretty sure Amazon and a lot of other sites sell them as well.