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Which character is the most visually appealing?


  • ablackwomanablackwoman
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  • 6starplayer6starplayer
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    I went with easy-evie cus she looked the most asian and it turned out that most people voted for her as well anyways. Sweg
  • RandomAsianRandomAsian
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    Definitely need to separate men and women into two different votes like a Prom King & Queen type of thing. I find it that the girls are always voted the most visually "Appealing." I voted for Karok.
  • GhengisJohnGhengisJohn
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    I went with easy-evie cus she looked the most asian and it turned out that most people voted for her as well anyways. Sweg
    Well "most" would make it sound like she took 60-80% of the vote. She and Fifi are pretty close in % of the vote, which seems about right to me.
  • QuinqueQuinque
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    Male: Hurk, Female: Lynn
  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    In terms of beauty:

    Evie: Elegant
    Lynn: Adorable
    Fiona: Striking
    Vella: Sultry
    Arisha: Reserved
    Delia: Cute
    Hurk: Rugged
    Lann: Handsome
    Kai: Stoic
    Karok: Mighty
    Sylas: Charming
  • NecrochildNecrochild
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    I'm looking at the poll results, and I have to say that this forum's opinion on visually appealing characters is wrong and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Tsk tsk.
  • CatAngelCatAngel
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    Our Arisha avatar is based off this image:
  • JustFrameJustFrame
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    edited November 9, 2016
    The Females will win this, let's be honest here. I'm going on record that Asian MMO's have a certain fetish towards the Females in practically any MMO game that they seem to make. Tera is one such example where like practically all of the new classes are female based, while the costumes feel like they cater 80% of the time to females.

    #1. Fiona

    Face wise, she's the most appealing, and "if" you include the body than she doesn't fall off here whatsoever either.

    Unlike the rest of the females (Besides Vella), Fiona looks like an actual fully mature woman physically. Now Vella is obviously the most mature looking woman, however I feel she's more on the far side of extreme, while Fiona is visually is just at the right spot for this.

    Not only that, but Fiona also has a bit of cuteness to go along with her (just look at her dance and smile, it's contagious!) yet also not too the extreme.

    To me, she has the most well blended of traits of having a bit of everything yet all of these subtleties are what makes her stand out.

    Fiona could wear a formal dress and pass off as a bonafide woman, not to mention an office outfit, yet she could still put on something modern, cute, and look like she belonged in the generational group of Evie and Arisha.

    Although, Vella is my favorite character to play, Fiona is hands down the most visually appealing character in the game.

    Afterward I would say it's either between Evie or Arisha.

    I know it may be random...however can I get a playable Asian Male character in this game who doesn't look like he's 13 years old? Yes, I'm talking about you Sylas...
  • fluffyninjafluffyninja
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  • KuaidianKuaidian
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    Karok is fun but he's pretty cringey in so many ways, sorry to say.
  • ShadowMadaraShadowMadara
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    Shizukaa said:

    Idk what everyone is talking about, the most visually appealing character is obviously a karok with a whale pillar O3O
    And of course a certain red spear lann that resides in west :>
    Oh yeah that's romantic image
  • LaosduudeLaosduude
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  • ZensZens
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    Laosduude said:

    ah yea ;)