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Known Quest Issues

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Hey Everyone,

The new update just meant that some of the quests are not working as they should. I'm going to list the known bugged quests and what to do to try to resolve the issue. I also want this to act as a way for me to collect more issues that others might be experiencing with quests AFTER the Rise update.

Known Quest Issues:
  • "Source": UPDATE: 08/02/2017: We've figured out a work around for this quest. Please submit a ticket through support so we can assist you! IF you already have a ticket open, PLEASE BUMP THIS TICKET
  • Skill Awakening: For this quest, please submit a ticket through support so that the items needed to force this quest to progress can be provided. Please include the name of the character that has this issue and the server.
  • A Fallen Nation(Relic Box): For this quest, please submit a ticket through support so that the item needed to force this quest to progress can be provided. Please include the name of the character that has this issue and the server
  • Gallagher's Subordinate: I believe I have figured out how to resolve this issue. Please submit a ticket through support so that I can send the title and see if this will resolve the issue for players who have this bug. Please include the name of the character that has this issue and the server.
  • Collecting Sheaths: At this time there is no work around for this quest. It has been reported to the game team and is being investigated

If you are experiencing a bug or error with a quest that is not listed please post here in this thread. Please make sure to provide the character name, server, name of the quest as well as a screen shot of the details of the quest in your quest log! (if you are uncomfortable posting that information in this thread, feel free to submit a ticket)

FOR SOME QUESTS YOU CAN TRY GOING THROUGH THE NPC DIALOGUE BY CLICKING ONLY. If a quest is crashing try just clicking through the quest dialogue instead of pressing CTRL.


  • Order5Order5
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    Would you prefer it if players use a consistent name for their tickets?
  • JentemoonJentemoon
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    Hey Everyone,

    There is an update about the "Source" Quest that a lot of players are currently stuck on. We've found a temporary work around for this quest to force characters that are stuck past this part of the quest.

    If you have a ticket open about this issue, please " Bump" your ticket so that we can resolve this issue for your character. Thank you for being so patient!

    Also, it's helpful for titling your ticket to the name of the quest you are stuck on.
  • MaximusMaximus
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    On my Delia alt, the S1 story quests just stopped after completing the 'Rescue' battle, don't know if it's a lvl thing or some random glitch since I am (roughly) halfway through S2 on my Kai alt.

    (EDIT: Found out the problem, had a tutorial quest hidden and was able to continue once I finished it!)
  • JustisiaJustisia
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    I have this problem for "source" quest, that Lechaud is not there.

    thank you
  • DokkunDokkun
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    any fix for Formorian technology? my hurk cant do anything about it cause elis is dead lol
  • SynqqSynqq
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    Ello I'm trying to access Sea of Reflection/Neam battle quest but I'm having the same problem as Justisia with being unable to access Lechaud with the main story finished. Looking for a ticket please and thanks.
  • blahblahboobooblahblahbooboo
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    got a problem for "source" quest
    Lechaud is not there

    Please fix, thank you

  • EhgessEhgess
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    Member, Nexon
    The "Source" quest issue will be fixed in the next update. Players will be able to speak with Lechaud in the Berbhe general store to continue the quest.
  • GuyonbuffaloGuyonbuffalo
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    edited September 28, 2017
    I thought this quest bug would be fixed in the most recent patch, but i still can't complete armor set quests sold by Aislinn. Once bought and used to have access to the story's, they do not appear in my quest log and NPC do not have them available. Player name: Legendarrow, Server: East, Quest: all armer set quests sold by aislinn.

    Thank you in advance for the response :)
  • ValaSLHValaSLH
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    I have many.
    Talk of the town: It says "complete quest and talk to XYZ." I have completed the quest many times, but there's no dialogue from the person afterward.
    Redemption: It says "complete this and talk to Lechaud." I have completed many times, but Lechaud says nothing. Again, the "story" dialogue button is greyed out.
    Painful Words: It says "Return after completing this, and talk to Rema." Same as above. Everyone's story dialogue buttons are greyed out. EVERYONE.
  • LyonataLyonata
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    Hey guys,

    I have a problem i just have done the quest befor "Fancy Furniture of Rocheste" i think. its the quest when you speak with the Guard infront of Rocheste.
    but now i did not become a quest afterwards...
    now i cant progess with my main quest line. :(
    pls help !

    Thx Lyonata