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Wanna go fast...


  • AntoneyAntoney
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    Antoney wrote: »
    Arrow95 wrote: »
    A Class that benefits from high speed, Bow Kai if you can hit 90 speed its godly fast(90speed is the golden point)


    Rolling 100spd on my bow kai, using paw instead of cat as well, and don't forget the extra 30%attspd from passive buff when applied correctly. Never gets boring.

    what passive buff?

    Strafe Shot
    -Can only be used when equipped with a Bow.
    - Strafe Shot gives you a chance to increase Kai's Attack Speed when you use a Shortbow on the move.
    - Earns the 'Deft' status effect when using Strafe Shot successfully.
    - This effect increases Kai's Attack Speed, and it can be stacked 3 times.

    Only time I really do this is when I just play while having fun constantly switching my combat style for example combining the 10s buff with magnumshot on longbow for 2-3 shots, though it's really not the way to go if you want dps. For dps you ignore shortbow all together.

    Though in PvP it's ridiculous when you have like me 100attspd with 50% attspd buff o:)

    I thought that kai's rapid fire didn't work with attack speed though, only strafe shot?... Unless you're talking about strafe shot carrying over to long bow or something like that
  • Arrow95Arrow95
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    Rapid fire doesn't get affected by the speed part of the skill and attspeed true, but only thing the skill affects speed wise is his normal shortbow arrows.
  • AtherionAtherion
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    Cestus bro. Managing your crit buff means you can run without worrying about crit for most raids while you get a nice speed buff you can upkeep for the entire duration of a raid.
  • oCharlotteoCharlotte
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    Pillar Karok.
  • SinCaraSinCara
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    Strudul and tom mai bois!! Fastest Lann EU))) (EvieSan) ;) Sengoku
  • HallyHally
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    Scythe or lynn. They scale so much with attack speed that even if you sacrifice a bit of crit/bal, you don't end up crippling yourself.
  • MisterWhiskersMisterWhiskers
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    Go delia.She will soon get a buff that gives 7 ATK spd from her Keen buff,also her own trans will last 2 min (it also gives AS boost)