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Goddess Fragment Events

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There's a lot in the Dullahan at 95 update, with a new level cap, new zone, new boss, new gear and more, but we're hardly done. There's five new events to tide you over for the next month! Claim outfits, battle through Donegal, race your way to level 95 and more!

Goddess Fragment Event

The power of the Goddess Morrighan can be found in all manner of objects, and a special statue of the Goddess has a power that's ready to grow, it just needs a little more power. Claim Stattuete shards by completing Daily Missions and restore the artifact, with a pile of potions, Goddess Graces and even a unique Tattoo and Outfit as a reward!



Donegal's Traveler Event

The Dullahan at 95 update contains a brand new area to battle in, along with the new raid, along with 5 new levels to scale up. Spend your time in Donegal and gain special Blessings that can either give you a half-hour long power boost, or be exchanged for a selection of items!



Summer Weekends Event

Summer is here, and we're giving away special rewards for the next eight weekends! Claim Runes, a Quality +1 Coupon, special spectacles and more!


Race to 95 Event

Think you can make it to Level 95 faster than anyone? There's a pair of new titles on the line, one for anyone that manages to hit Level 95 before August 30th, and another to see which players can hit the newest level cap fastest on each class!


Dullahan Bonus Raid Event

A new raid, a new bonus departure event! Double your equipment gains by taking out the new big bad, Dullahan, twice per day!

More info here: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/24359/goddess-fragment-events


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    For those who don't know, if you use a statuette shard that matches the color of the Goddess Statue, the Statue's gauge will fill up twice as much!
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    Also, Summer Weekends Event is per ID/ACCT,not per character.I logged into the wrong one first,lol.
  • MegadeusMegadeus
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    thank you for the free costume!

  • LaxusDragSlayerLaxusDragSlayer
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    the +1 quality coupon ups the star by 1 right?? please reply <3
  • LoLoBootyLoLoBooty
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    the +1 quality coupon ups the star by 1 right?? please reply <3

  • AibouAibou
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    Event description on launcher said "1000 AP Capsule" at Aug 5th, now it was a 10.000 AP Capsule. Not that I complain that it's even more, but if I'd knew this, I would have given it to another character who could rly need it. Would be awesome if nexon could make them gifts tradeable in cases of mistakes like this one. :/