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The dulahan Soul mechanic

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is awfull, I hate it, it feels like if the ghost spamed you with non stop buffs to dulsahan do you guys like it?
Here is solo video I made of him that could have saved like 10 mins just taking away the ghost mechanic
  1. DO you guys like the dullahan mechanic?28 votes
    1. yes
       43% (12 votes)
    2. no
       43% (12 votes)
    3. I'm a karok LOL
       14% (4 votes)


  • RobertLiviaRobertLivia
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    You need to aim better, and solo is quite easy dealing with that particular mechanic since it only takes 1 bomb.
  • erickhendrixerickhendrix
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    The problem is not if it's hard or not to hit he's head, or if doing it is easy or not, the problem is that they just spam that non stop, you say " it's easy becasue it only needs 1 bomb" but he needs 1 bomb every 20 seconds, AND THAT IS JUST ANOYING its not fun, besides in party play its not HARD since the ghost just go one at the time and if people knows how to run away he wont be reaching dullahan every 20 seconds, my question wasnt if it was easy or not, my question was:
    Is it fun to bomb this guy every 20 seconds in solo?, is it fun that this is just spamed for 5 hp bars non stop? , I am sorry but I dont find this kind of cheap mechanic fun.
  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    I agree with it being annoying. It is kinda like the ever flying echulus , where he won't come down for a good damn 10 mins. Imagine Ulchus or Siggy will restore their HP bar every 30 secs. Or Kraken head doing the boat chomp every time with tents grabbing and leech tent and having 5 afks the other two insisting they should go on head cause they are Lanns. God of Death summoning statues and clones all the time, Aglhan the golem spinning more than a Lann on speed.

    Bug boy was not that bad since he has his goo at 10, 7, 5 and 3 and swinging up there was not that hard. But Lala-chan is moving like crazy with aoe attacks and giant ass shoulder pads. And sometimes the ghost will instant fuse with the body even though you aggro them across the field, time out my ass! Stay here and love me!!
  • RavelationsRavelations
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    It is very annoying, but easy to deal with,

    Also while you are perfectly capable of soloing, i would recommend having a Scythe evie with you next time, They can use mark of death/Bloody thread to keep agro on them and prevent the ghost from going back to the armor, for 8? minutes. The ghost will return to the armor on its own because its scripted,
    And while i know the boss isn't just going to spam the attack at 11:19. Well when you need it to anyway, But that move is when you want to throw your bombs, Or try and be behind dullahan, when from behind the bomb lands alot better
  • HallyHally
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    You can pretty much just stand infront of him, about half of his height away, and throw the bomb from there after his attack finish.

    Even on a 15 min solo.. I still had to throw the bomb once every 30s from bar 7 to 3, which is just annoying and time wasting.