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Rate of S3 Raid Trash Drops Supposedly Decreased

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In the Rise patch notes, it was stated that the drop rate of purple materials were "increased drastically" and the drop rate of the items that have no use from the S3 raids was "decreased drastically."


It certainly could be a bad streak of horrific RNG, but in 15 runs of the new raid, Dullahan, I have received exactly 4 purple Dullahan mats, and approximately 100 Dullahan's Broken Blades. This certainly does not feel like the rate of purple materials was "increased drastically" and the drop rate of useless items was "decreased drastically." Looking at the drops of the other members in the party, they are also mostly just getting Dullahan's Broken Blades.


Talking to other people, they have been experiencing much of the same. Were the "drastic" drop rate changes not implemented, or am I just thinking of a different definition of "drastic?"


  • AeledingAeleding
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    Translation errors, words jumbling, it sure feels that the patch notes we got do not reflect the reality :*
  • PuppymanPuppyman
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    Aeleding wrote: »
    Translation errors, words jumbling, it sure feels that the patch notes we got do not reflect the reality :*

    It was intended as stated for Rise to increase purple rate and abolish by a large margin trash loot, however KR also has and I think still has this problem.
    But that is what RISE was supposed to accomplish among other things....

    And also has been covered various times by other members of forum and a few times by me in other threads. Though until 'fixed' in KR, we have to start liking our trash loot.
  • OrodalfOrodalf
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    Tbh I'd rather have blue shards/chunks with the ability to dismantle them than this trash.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    Collect all the broken blade pieces to reforge Dullahan's weapon for yourself.
  • sabersatensabersaten
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    They decreased "the type" of trash drop so the trash drop stacks in one slot in the inventory instead of more than 2 slots.

    s3 rate oj did go up slightly though.