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if vindi was named Mabinogi Heroes

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do you think it wouldve been more popular?


  • NuclearChickenNuclearChicken
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    No because nexon refused to advertise the game, the outcome wouldve been the same even if it was a tiny bit more popular due to the name not changing
  • ZaeadrasZaeadras
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    "The way out" was Hype enough to carry vindictus back when that was a thing
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    The name would get possibly confused by the regular Mabinogi, making some people step onto false search results or fall into thinking it's some extension/update name.

    The game needs advertisement, even events between Nexon games platform (like reach 60 lvl in Vindi to get stuff in MapleStory) could help. Recently they added this annoying pop-up thing in Nexon Launcher, showing some junk games - maybe Vindi will show up there at some point, but I doubt it will help at all.
  • KuraiHotaruKuraiHotaru
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    edited July 24, 2017
    This game only needs tiny bit of advertisement, but nexon sees us as a simple item in their menu. What I mean by that is, imagine their top games like Counter strike - Nexon Zombies, HiT, Rider of icarius and etc being the different hamburger menus.

    Now Vindictus is just like the cheap 0.5 euro ice cream. They barely notice the ice cream sales compared to the main course sales which are perhaps 10euro, which results in the ice cream being just a bonus thing they got on their menu.

    And instead of advertising the ice cream, they just hope that we'll come back and buy the hamburgers, in this case start playing their more popular games. If they really cared about Vindictus they'd advertise it, they got countless of mobile games as well as a yearly revenue of 1.5billion Euro, which means that they can definitely afford using some money to advertise the game. But they are not stupid, they won't spend money in hope to revive and old game, they're better of spending that money advertising their new games.

    Heck, I used to advertise this game myself in websites like 9gag, posting a nice looking gif of the game for example, and end up having a few people ask what game it is. Though this really isn't an effective way as the max of response I would get per gif was 3-5comments.

    Conclusion, Nexon sees Vindictus as an outdated game that they care about enough to give use a few updates here and there to milk some money of us, while hoping we would discard the game we love, and instead play another Nexon game where they can further make us spend money.
  • Order5Order5
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    edited July 24, 2017
    No. Why should it be called "Mabinogi Heroes" anyway? They just finished removing/nerfing all the Hero Modes, and the main story only starts making a big deal about the player character in Season 3. It is only then that the "Hero's path" is mentioned, and the game hardly focuses on it, leaving it as a boat-load of prophetic nonsense. A title with "Erinn" or "Paradise" is more fitting since there's so much focus on it.