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And all the players? Is the game really dead?

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I'm kind worried about the game T_T, i know these update made a lot of players quit for good, i mean i play today maybe more than two hrs, and i barely see two users selling stuff in the mega channel.

What is going on?

Nexon you need to get your S*it together, maybe better events?, or give better rewards. Stop playing with your community and actually listen to us :/


  • TwilightSparkleTwilightSparkle
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    we really do need better events not copies of other region events x.x and the fact they arent releasing any older outfitters that literally havent been out in years is really horrible
  • ArixArix
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    We're all waiting for the dullahan patch at the end of this month.
  • daws360daws360
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    Speaking from my experience I used to login everyday, then maybe every 3rd day.

    These horrible events have halted and stopped me from even logging in. I've also noticed the same trend with the majority of my friend list when I do login. `-` Now I might login once a month...
  • RizzleRizzle
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    The quality of life changes are good, just way overdue. Like, 2015 overdue. They got tired of everyone complain about lag spike, which could be corrected with optimization, so they took the cheap way out by lowering the number of players in dungeons/raids. Which still doesn't really work all the time. I was initially intrigued by the new makeover, and new dungeons. But its hard to say I see myself playin much more in the future....regardless of what they throw our way. Because even after all these improvements, I still have disconnects in some raids and RARS. Is it too much to ask for a reliable gaming experience? There are some other gaming companies out there that don't think it is.

    How am i able to play far more graphically intensive games that move so much faster and smoother, with 3-4 times the ping(because im playing on SEA servers), and experience less lag and almost never a disconnect?

    But in Vindictus, a disconnect during a raid is something we've just grown used to? Because complaint tickets have such a long history of being completely ignored?

    Admittedly though- i recently filed a ticket and it was executed with professionalism and, dare i say it - grace. The staff were very hospitable and kind. I didnt get what I wanted, but they were nowhere near the monstrosities as they are spoken of by other players in game. But one ticket against a long history of ignored tickets, doesnt magically make "wrong" into "right" in the eyes of the gaming community.
  • RavelationsRavelations
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    http://steamcharts.com/app/212160#All It feels like 2014/2015 was vindictus last good years, player base wise
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