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Ein Lacher - Cromm Question

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in Sylas
Yoooo Sylas bros, those of you that have gotten gold on Cromm, how do you dodge Cromm's charging attack where he flies forward 3 times? I'm pretty sure that this move is functioning like a red attack in Season 3, because no matter how I dodge, this attack hits me every time. I've tried dodging through it, to the left, to the right, diagonal left, diagonal right, backwards, in place. I'm actually thinking it's not possible to dodge this move from him without him missing you and then skirting past you.


  • AibouAibou
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    I feel you bro, this one got so damn hard since this attack with its "electric aura" is undodgeable and way faster now.
    After several tries I found the tactic to dodge right at him when he starts his move, so always be ready, and then two fast dodges (dodge-smash-dodge) back because you need to get some space really quickly between you and him. Even though I got 90ats it was ridiculously close everytime, if I reacted bit too late with this combo, he already hit me. Also this attack seems to be like: Frontal attack, random move to the side and then back focusing on you. Try to have en eye on him while doing, even if he's fast af.
    I'm bad at explaining, hope I could help out a bit. :/
  • ConfiConfi
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    Frustrating indeed. Find a better location (close to the edge of the arena worked great for me). Good Luck!
  • SaphreeSaphree
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    I went to the edge, dodged backwards to the wall every time he charged
  • xHariNezumixHariNezumi
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    Thanks guys! I'll try this out and see how it works closer to the edge of the map. I've been on other games for now so haven't been working on my Eins. 47/70, sooooo close