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Did the game just take a giant crap? fps has been running low lately but got on this morning and going from a week ago 60 -50 fps to 40--30 fps and now I have 18 -9 frames on low setting and I had it on high what is going on here? RISEN update killed the game it has been all down hill since we have got it.as in how the game plays . feels like its 2 yrs ago when we had the same bad problem . God this will be death to this game if its not fixed soon . low FPS FOREVER :'( :s :s I think it has something to do with the ping..in I always had 5 bars and now I see falling down to one bar maybe getting 3-4 at times sad need a restart pls PLS pls PLS


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    All i can say 90% of the time it's not you it's the game ReQWTtg.png You would think they would optimized the game but nooooo.