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Element stone catalysts now

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How are you supposed to get them now? Low level equip drops very rarely now, and the pigment drop locations arent even consistent. 5 spider brothers is higher level than trampled plains, but the latter drops journeyman pigmetns while the former drops apprentice pigments.

It also seems much harder to get level 60 stuff to dismantle while level 70-80 stuff drop like candy from s2 raids that are easy to spam. Meanwhile, spamming low level battles = gold level penalty because derpcat still doesnt realise its a dumb idea.


  • autistic29yoautistic29yo
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    by not being bad
  • RiceMonsterRiceMonster
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    I too would like to know the best method for this.

    What works best for me so far is laghodessa. It drops spider lord pieces which can be dismantled, and the mini bosses at the beginning drop lots of beginner pigments and additives that I use to craft stuff to dismantle. I also mine the three ore spots because those are needed for crafting too.

  • NokaubureNokaubure
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    With the current event it may be a better idea to level characters (got like... 50+ after finishing s1 I think). Too bad there's no sanctity/ainle gauntlet anymore, ik no one cares about those maps but I farmed them a lot in the past and was the best way to get catalyst.