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Enchant scrolls require full name

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edited June 24, 2017 in Bug Reporting
Enchant scrolls cannot be searched on the marketplace unless the player types in the full name. As an example, if I search "valor" the results will be 0, but if I search "valor enchant scroll" the results will display correctly.

Additionally, I can search for "enchant scroll" and all enchant scrolls will be displayed. I can also search for "scroll" and anything with scroll in the name will display. It looks like the enchant scroll names were not indexed correctly and require the entire name.

Some scrolls can also not be searched even if you type in the entire name. I suspect this occurs, because the translated name in the file is different from the display name. For an example "reinforced enchant scroll" will still produce 0 results even though West server has 2 of them listed on the market place.


  • ArkTerranigmaArkTerranigma
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    Scroll search works normal like before, the only issue there is since always is if you gonna search for Example "Leopard's Enchant Scroll" and you write as enchant name "leo" it wont find anythiing but if you write the first letter big as "Leo" it will find all scrolls, just write the first letter big and you can find any scrolls