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[Graphics] Timeless Rage Elchulus Firebreath

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edited June 22, 2017 in Bug Reporting
In the battle mission "Timeless Rage", Elchulus has an attack where he backs up slightly and breaths fire in a cone in front of him, and the fire is supposed to be blue not red. Red fire is used by Ancient Elchulus.



  • NoburoNoburo
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    I thought this was always a feature of the black Elchulus raid. He loses the blue fire breath and the Godly Inferno debuff from it when his hp is low enough for him to do his tired animation. You can see it happening in this pre-ignition run at 44:58. It's been an easily missable detail since everyone started destroying S1 bosses.

    I don't think this is a bug unless it was happening when he had more than 10%~ of his health left. It would look more natural if all of his breath attacks dropped the blue effect at that point in the raid. Not sure why they only applied it to the one attack, maybe because it's the most defensive looking one.