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How does one gets 4 Enthu

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Evening ya'll. How does a lvl 80 with 16 titles ended up with 4 enthu posted on the market? 3 expires in 5 day and 1 in 4 days. Is this a bot?


  • JynXiJynXi
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    edited June 19, 2017
    Quite an interesting question since the odds that someone manage to drop that many enthu's, is quite low.

    Some possibilities;
    - Someone decides to farm on this low level (most unlikely)
    - This is a second character from someone , while he farms on his main and this one does leech (most likely)
    - Gacha? Boxes that drop scrolls? (cant remember these are on, atm)
    - A bot? (quite curious how this works then myself)

  • PhoebeHalliwelPhoebeHalliwel
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    Scrolls are tradeable with shared storage and do not get bound to the character after being taken out.
    Could be someone that farmed on alts and decided to sell them all on that specific character ^^
  • ordinaryabnormalityordinaryabnormality
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    who summoned u?
  • jeddyhijeddyhi
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    Wow. I have 120 luk and been raiding and farming for 2 months almost daily. Have not seen a single scroll or drop worth anything. I could raid for the next two years straight and not see anything. This game and it's demands for grinding are too much for just a video game.
  • RizzleRizzle
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    ^ I think I have had enthu drop a total of 3 times for me since 2015.
  • VallestiVallesti
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    Clearly it's from a botter.
  • misakamisakamisakamisaka
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    Yup, it's a bot. I've been seeing a bunch of them on mp. Usually the things they bot are enthu/fast along with s3 mats.
  • maelturdmaelturd
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    On the west server I've noticed a lot of enthu sellers with spam names like "asfafdfs" so ya they're forsure bots
  • ArishaLArishaL
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    I use to move scrolls around with shared storage all the time. Why ya'll so jelly? Just buy the damn thing if u need one. I didn't get one for over a year from succubus and then get 2 in one run with Kai... rngesus giveth and taketh away.
  • ShadowMadaraShadowMadara
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    I like ArishaM over L o3o
  • PixelPantsuPixelPantsu
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    I've seen those on east.
    Usually for fast scrolls, I wouldnt mind if they sold for cheaper lol
  • MyDeliaMyDelia
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    Botting is just about the only way.

    About 3 years ago some friends and I thought we could start farming enchant scrolls to get rich.
    With cadet badges for everyone and luk blessings we ran about 7 hours of the Hero Rocheste runs.

    After about 7 months of 7 hours of farming per day we averaged about 2 Enthusiastic enchants per week.
    With 4 people.
    With cadet badges on the entire time and with blessings on almost every single run (I still have about 400ish Luk Blessings leftover).

    We runed our equipment and sold the rest. It got us gold but literally nowhere near profitable enough to be doing on a regular basis. Just not possible.

    In the end, after we factor in repair costs and NX for Cadet Badges we only made a profit of about 200mil total over the 7 months. So that was about 50mil per person. While 50mil may be a bit of gold nowadays and can get you something nice, three years ago 50mil couldn't even buy you a Maelstrom ES. -_-
  • ShadowMadaraShadowMadara
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    So the west server is packed with bot enthu scrolls it may help the buyers but it won't help the legit sellers cause bots brought down the price.