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Your reason for using Lynn


  • SlothPrincessSlothPrincess
    Vindictus Rep: 1,420
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    edited June 11, 2017
    Started playing her because:
    -released a month after I started vindi so she became my second main
    -smol chinese(?) girl like me

    Mained her for a while to farm titles then took a break to farm on other alts after reaching 400.
    Started playing her again because:
    -need 600 titles
    -excited for second weapon
    -hoping we get hanbok outfitter someday


    -dodge/windstep is fun
    -agile attacks are unique and fun
    -bang bang/detonating marks is satisfying +love
  • PyrrusPyrrus
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    Saw a character who uses a pole weapon in a video game, which is super rare. Shes also cute.
    Her play style is challenging, getting that dodge where we re-appear behind the monster is really cool. Also, all of those assassin marks! kaboom!!
  • JessGameJessGame
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    edited June 13, 2017

    Differant gameplay than most other characters and she feels very satisfying.