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Greetings :)

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You may have seen me in-game (IGN is the same as my forum name) or you might've not. But alas, my main is a Kai named Roland who uses both bow and crossgun. Scarrlettt is my master; my Senpai, my bro, and my way of life. He has guided me along the way of Kai and made me who I am today—a scrub Kai (I only blame myself for being a scrub, however).

I also play Evie, Fiona, Hurk, and Arisha, but seldom do I ever touch those characters. For the most part, I'm using my Kai 90% of the time.

A little about myself: I play piano (roughly 6 years, classically trained), write a lot of stories, and love to play Vindictus casually. One piano piece I aspire to conquer some day is Chopin Ballade No. 1 and regarding my creative writing situation, I'm currently working on my first "book". I'm calling it a book because it's technically a book by definition (80k+ words), but to me, It's just an amateurish and excessively lengthy story. I might publish the entire thing online on fanfiction.net whenever it's done, but so far I have only uploaded the first five chapters since I'm not really confident about it.

But anyways, that's a little bit about me...thanks for reading this uninteresting wall of text!

Oh, a screenshot of my character: image

TL:DR: I play Kai.