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Ideas for Vindictus

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  1. Friendlist
  2. avoid scamming
  3. Test Dye Shop
  4. Unbalanced PvP
  5. Unknown Region
  6. Guild Reward
  7. Box of Dedication
  8. Private Guild PvP
  9. Extracting gears
  10. Avatar sets
  11. Avatar fusion rune
  12. Artifacts
  13. PvP
  14. Advertisements
  15. Guild Skills
  16. Extra slots
  17. Butterfly Wings
  18. Niflheim
  19. Cooking Expertise
  20. Guild Ranks
  21. Guild Storage
  22. Guild Page
  23. New Characters
  24. Housing System
  25. TIR coins
  26. Guild License
  27. Gold bank
  28. Mailbox
  29. Guild Emblem
  30. Invasion
  31. Wings
  32. Inner armors
  33. Private Guild Channel
  34. Transformation
  35. New pets
  36. Contribution
  37. Preview Inventory
  38. Guild Chat
  39. Favorites slots
  40. Quick Battle
  41. Quick PvP
  42. PvP Reward
  43. Vindictus EXtreme
  44. NX Inventory
  45. Guild List
and some Changes


BlackTornado guild.


  • QuiJinnQuiJinn
    Vindictus Rep: 1,445
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    edited May 16, 2017
    I added 2 new ideas:
    44 NX inventory
    45 Guild List
  • QuiJinnQuiJinn
    Vindictus Rep: 1,445
    Posts: 47
    I wonder when Devcat will give more options to guilds and give guilds more things to do, got some ideas for it, but i wonder if they take time to read our ideas +sad
  • QuiJinnQuiJinn
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    another idea for Devcat:
    What about making gears tradable between characters on the same account? Just an idea >.<

    Everyone have some armors and weapons which are bound (cannot be traded), maybe make it possible to send to an alt char?
    This way we are able again to gear up some alt chars, so we can have fun again playing them.. and people can spend money on fashion again too, so the market will go up i hope, cuz atm economy is broken sometimes.
  • QuiJinnQuiJinn
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    Infusion bug
    took me 64 stones for anything good and in the plus (+2 bal, very lucky~)
    then it took me another 41 stones so far to get -3 INT.. all other times gave nothing special at all.. tho i had +103 def (only good thing). does it take another 100 times till i FINALLY get anything good?

    if it fails max 50 times, we can pick the thing we want? idk... just anything to make this unfair RNG stop!
  • QuiJinnQuiJinn
    Vindictus Rep: 1,445
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    I wonder if Nexon will ever let me know if things of my list were taken serious and will come true one day.
    To know that Devcat truly take time to read our ideas, will give us new hope for this game ...

    Btw, when will they bring back the Macha + Hero mode???
    I still need many titles. Titles is something to farm, to gather, and even give points now for the rankings.. so deleting possibilities to earn titles is not a smart move Devcat.. THINK before you do something that will turn out very bad.
    Please bring them back as soon as possible. Also the titles we can get from the sub-bosses at Misty Summit.